Little-known facts about GaryVee’s Method

Little-known facts about GaryVee’s Method

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How often do we get to use a 6000-year-old technique?

The answer to that, for some of us, is “way too often”.

This prehistoric technique is known as Content Marketing.

Cavemen paintings indicating how hunting and,farming should be done are classified as some of the earliest forms of Content Marketing.

Gary Vaynerchuk, a firm believer in this technique proves to us that it works and, also goes as far as teaching us why it works.

For those of you who don’t know Gary, I’ll give a brief introduction.

Gary Vaynerchuk is the C.E.O of Vaynermedia and is known for his best-selling books and keynote speeches.

At some point in 2006, Gary took his family’s wine business online and started Wine Library tv- A vlog that educated people on Wine.

He also delved into the science of online marketing and E-commerce. Using these two, He skyrocketed his family’s wine business from a $4 million baby to a $60 million dollar Bad-Boy.

You can tell that Gary already knew what he was doing before he started his Social media Agency, VaynerMedia.

That’s enough on Gary’s past, let us take a look at what he is up to now.

As you can see from the snapshot above, It seems like Gary is fully immersed in the social media sphere, and you might be asking yourself:

How does he run a company that’s grossing hundreds of millions in revenue yearly and manage social media profiles that spill out hundreds of content each week?

The answer is quite simple.

Remember that 6000-year-old technique.

Gary’s design is deeply connected to this method.

In the sense that he uses a Hybrid method, coined from the Fundamentals of Content Marketing and another popular method of marketing, Inbound.


Let’s find out.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing Is the art of creating and passing out relevant, quality, and actionable content to a specific audience or niche —often for free- in order to attract them and drive profitable customer action.

If you’ve known Gary for a while, you can bear witness to the fact that he posts a lot of fun and interesting content.

He also goes as far as splitting up this content into various channels such as Audio, Video, and Writing, this way, he serves content to a multitude of people.

So you might be asking where Inbound Marketing Fits into this equation.

I’ll use an excerpt from one of Gary’s Bestsellers to explain.

I spoke directly to potential customers through a video blog and developed relationships with them on twitter and facebook, inviting a direct one-on-one engagement that had previously existed only between merchants and customers in the tight-knit communities and neighbourhoods of the last century.

You might be thinking this is way too over the top, But this approach to customer relationship is ingrained in the principles of Inbound Marketing.

Let’s find out how.

Inbound Marketing, according to Hubspot, is all about providing a helpful, human, and holistic experience to anyone who interacts with your business in any way.

Inbound presents a much more reliable way to know more about your customer, their goals for their business and their personalities.

When customers find out that you actually are human and you want to help with their goals rather than sell a product to them, they are more likely to call you when they need help.

This info-graphic from Penguin Strategies  should provide you with the basics of Inbound

How do you apply Gary’s Strategy?

One thing you should know is that Content and Inbound Marketing go hand-in-hand.

Below I list ways that would help implement this strategy into your marketing plan.

1. Blog
Blogging is a great way to provide relevant and entertaining content for your audience.

Your blog should be focused on educating readers.

Try providing insights, tips and, techniques that you’ve found useful.

2. Social media.
Being where your customers are is essential to the “Inbound-Content” Methodology.

Social media is not only a way to advertise your products, but It’s also a medium of communicating with your audience, asking them questions and touching pain points.

3. Go Multi-Channel.
Providing content in different forms such as audio, video and writing means you may reach more people. 

Your audience gets to choose their preferred method of content consumption

4. Tell a story.
Classic marketing won’t cut it anymore.

 Research shows that 80% of decision-makers prefer a brand that has a story to tell. 

Stories make your content more interactive and fun. 

Start with the “Why I started this business“, then move to the ” How I run my business” angle and most importantly, end with the “what my business does“.

This reverse marketing strategy is known as the Golden Circle in the world of advertising.


Running a business or personal brand can be a pain-in-the-neck.

By now, you know that the Inbound content technique is the most efficient and effective way to increase audience engagement, leads and a long lasting brand.

Knowing Gary, I bet he’s released more than 6 pieces of content since I started writing this.

Content is what drives customer action and support. Having something to offer first can be what will help your business grow like never before.

Do you think the Content Inbound method is a great fit for your business?

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